Hello Gorgeous!

Hello Gorgeous! Is a premier beauty provider in Colorado Springs. I am a licensed and certified technician offering you exceptional skincare, nail care, and eyelash extensions. My approach combines organic and clinical techniques in a soothing and comfortable environment. I believe effortless beauty is a necessity and not a luxury, so I offer you a variety of services. Together we can turn your tired and problematic skin into a fresh and healthy complexion; your stubby, sparse eyelashes into long luxurious exquisite fans; and your dry, chipped, and under-appreciated finger and toenails into soft, smooth, “jewels – not tools”.

Hello Gorgeous! is located inside Awesome Hair Salon Suites, 1804 Dominion Way, Colorado Springs CO. Half-block south of Dublin on Academy Blvd.


Hello Gorgeous! availability by appointment only – Wednesdays through Fridays 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM and Saturdays 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Call, text, or email for your appointment (719)201-8097


If you cannot make your appointment,  please call or text. If you fail to give 24 hour notice or do not show up  for your appointment,  a $20.00 fee will be added to your next appointment. 




Maximum Moisture facial  $65                                                                                  Dry, lifeless skin will be transformed as it's bathed in essential hydration. With the benefits of of pure milk protein, essential oils and wine extracts,skin will look supple and refreshed for a dewy, buoyant, youthful appearance.